Network IVR

Network IVR Services

A Network IVR in conjunction with a MRF enables CSP and network operators to play prompts like out-of-coverage and tariff information, autonomously perform a top-up process for pre-paid tariff plans and many other standard tasks.

CreaLog SIP Application Server

The CreaLog SIP Application Server (SIP AS) is built on the proven CreaLog Platform 7 which has routed billions of calls since its first deployment more than 25 years ago, and perfectly fits into your IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS).

Unmatched Control

It gives you unmatched control over your calls using standards like RFC 4240 and RFC 5552 to intelligently screen, route, transfer, and initiate SIP calls. In addition, the SIP AS can be combined with traditional SS7 IN Servers for INAP and CAMEL.

Interworking with MRF

The SIP AS can interwork with the CreaLog SIP Media Resource Function (SIP MRF) or third-party MRFs. It is built on a proven Host-based Media Processing (HMP) engine, which supports all relevant codecs like G.711, HD Voice (G.722), AMR-WB and AMR-NB. The CreaLog SIP Media Server has played, recorded, conferenced and signaled trillions of VoIP packets and gives you complete control over those packets with its VoiceXML IVR and speech application engine.

State-of-the-art conversational speech recognition (NLU) and text-to-speech

The SIP Media Server can be enhanced with state-of-the-art speech recognition and text-to-speech (speech synthesis) by supporting the MRCP standard. All you need to add is your own media application - or deploy pre-built or custom applications provided by CreaLog.

The CreaLog SIP Appliance delivers VoiceXML IVR, Speech Recognition, TTS (speech synthesis), call conferencing, Call Recording and an optional built-in TDM-to-SIP VoIP gateway. It integrates rapidly with both new and existing TDM, NGN, and IMS deployments.

The CreaLog SIP AS and MRF servers fully support virtualization but can as well be deployed in a rack-mount server.

For more information download the CreaLog Telco Catalog



IVR with NLU speech recognition, speech synthesis, and voice biometrics

Graphical Service Creation Environment (SCE)

Web based service creation, configuration, and monitoring

Multi-tenant provisioning

Integration in IN services and contact centers


Carrier grade IVR with many standard modules

Sophisticated voice technologies

Powerful service creation and administration

Project and consulting support for technical implementation and voice user interface design

Multi-tenancy and easy operationability


Proven solution using state-of-the-art technology

Integration into service number portfolio and cloud contact center

Easy integration into any TDM, NGN, or IMS network

Optional integration into local PBX/contact center with CSTA or proprietary

Session border controller and gateway between network topologies

Customizable standard modules

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