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Text message Campaign Manager | Datasheet


Targeting Large Accounts and Third Parties who prefer a graphical user interface over the offered Third Party API, the Campaign Manager is the interface of choice to set-up and configure bulk messaging campaigns and services running on the CreaLog Message Broker for SMS, MMS, USSD and e-Mail.

Upon request CreaLog integrates the Campaign Manager for Bulk Messaging customers into the Telco’s corporate clients web portal taking into account the necessary CI and user management requirements.

Using the Telco’s web portal, Telco departments as well third parties use the multi-tenant Campaign Manager to update their profile, trigger message blasts and setup new campaigns. Uploading recipient lists and scheduling campaigns is straightforward and content entered in no time. Determining and prioritizing delivery channels as well as managing start and end times of campaigns is easy and self explaining.

Common campaign templates include advertising and promotion, network and service and emergency notifications, messages for employees, and public service broadcasts are supplied and own templates may be set up.

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