Contact Center Recording

Record — Transcribe — Analyze

Immediately ready for use — employee-friendly — extended data protection

The recording of telephone conversations between customer and contact center agent or service staff for quality assurance and training purposes is a long-standing and widespread practice. However, the requirements of companies and customer service units have evolved, as net-centric contact center solutions from the cloud are increasingly being used because the needs to

Use resources more effectively — Plan the workforce more flexibly — Serve current market needs even better

are constant challenges in Contact and Service Units.

Interaction Recording, Quality Management and Analytics

CreaLog Contact Center Recording (CCR) offers the possibility not only to record conversations in a SaaS environment, but also to transcribe them AI-based. The transcribed content is then analyzed according to customer-specific criteria (Speech Analytics) to gain valuable insights.

With automated Speech Analytics you understand customer behavior better, recognize evolving new topics faster, improve sales, increase the efficiency of your contact center, and continuously and fairly evaluate and coach your employees.

Reliably determine

Why certain requests could not be resolved on the customer's first call (first resolution rate)

Which terms cause conversations to get out of hand and escalate

How the call flow relates to poor ratings in surveys and on online platforms

Whether conversation guidelines are being adhered to

Use the results

Identify newly emerging issues or problems in communication

Sustainably improve customer satisfaction and thus ensure the company's success

Permanently reduce employee fluctuation and sickness rates

A Highlight — data protection by default

Anonymize critical data in records

Why are anonymization and data protection so important?

Technological advances in the automated transcription of telephone conversations have brought increased attention to the issue of data protection and data sovereignty: What exactly happens to the telephone calls in text form and the personal content?

The employee's view

When it comes to call recording and transcription, employees and their representatives are often rightly critical and skeptical. Much of the concern can be addressed with our technologies for securely anonymizing your own employees. Here are a few examples:

  • Employee names and other personal data are automatically recognized and immediately noised for anonymization in the call recording or replaced in the transcription by placeholders such as asterisks.
  • Individual digits or strings of digits (telephone numbers/extensions) can also be filtered and then anonymized or deleted from the recordings.
  • In smaller service units, colleagues can often be easily recognized by their voice. To rule this out, the voice can be distorted in the call recordings by changing the pitch and speed so that it is no longer possible to draw conclusions about the individual employee.

The caller's view

GDPR-compliant data processing is also enormously important for callers and increases customer confidence in the company. Here are some examples of which personal customer data can be identified and anonymized directly in the recording or transcription process:

  • Names, phone numbers, birth dates and addresses,
  • Social security numbers and health information,
  • Account balances or delinquencies,
  • passwords, PINs, and many other sensitive and private data.

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