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Eberhard Kuom
Head of Finance and Operations

"We want to make our checkout processes as convenient as possible for our customers and sustainably enhance their customer experience. Particularly with our highly dynamic auctions, many customers demand fast processing in order to receive products at the desired price. With CreaLog, we have a strong partner who has accompanied us with its know-how since our founding."

Exciting live auctions — 20 hours every day

Whether early in the morning or late at night: Since 2004, has been staging interactive home shopping shows every day for 20 hours a day, allowing the 2 million registered customers to determine their own product prices by submitting offers.


  • Multi Channel Shopping via TV, Web, Voice & App
  • Voice controlled navigation when calling to bid and choosing variants
  • Automated planning, supply and logistics system
  • Centralized system for phone, text messages and online bids
  • High flexibility of the system: extremely short-term changes in the auction process possible

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