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Werner Dreier
Head of Value Added Services at Swisscom

“What’s new is the convergence factor enabling the TV viewers to interact on a parallel and simultaneously basis using standard communication channels such as the telephone, SMS & MMS and the internet. We also reduced the technological complexity of the way this solution operates – we can even blend in the various individual statements that the candidates deliver to their fans.”

Televote 2.0 - Interactive program formats even more attractive

Swisscom’s TeleVote 2.0 – which, with its state-of-the-art technology and 6,000 lines, is the largest voice recognition platform in Switzerland – easily handled the job of processing all these votes. In that process, the interactive formats help increase the attractiveness of radio and TV programs all round and the unique CreaLog solution ensures that each and every call made in the course of an interactive program really does count.

The Voice XML platform: Performance data at a glance

  • Live televoting with 6,000 lines, set-up within 7 months
  • Approved for 1,400 CAPS
  • Approved for 800 text messages per second
  • Speech recognition and text-to-speech on all lines in 3 languages (german, french, italian)
  • Platform for SS7, SMS and Web-Interaction
  • VoIP platform
  • Complete integration into the Swisscom operating and monitoring systems
  • Multi-tenancy web administration
  • Multi-level security concept
  • Provisioning of simple and complex services by Swisscom staff
  • Integration with Swisscom billing architecture

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