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Werner Dreier
Head of Value Added Services at Swisscom

"The migration of the previously TDM based platform to the IMS network could be realized within only 5 months, truly an achievement."



Emergency Call Routing / Enterprise IVR / Messaging Server / MRF 

Companies such as Swisscom depend on reliable partners like CreaLog. Their special strengths lie in tailoring existing standard solutions to meet individual customer needs and enhancing them with additional applications. The benefits of this approach for a modern IT environment are compelling:
Administration, training and documentation for the uniform and easily scalable platform are kept under one roof. At the same time, this ensures that all applications are easy to migrate.

The Swisscom Solutions at a Glance

  • Emergency call routing
    Intelligent emergency call routing system in German, Italian and French
  • Enterprise IVR
    Cutting edge voice portal technology for alert systems, network-based on-hold queues and additional voice services
  • Messaging Server
    Protected gateway for third party bulk SMS/MMS campaigns
  • Media Resource Function (MRF)
    Audio for service numbers, rate announcements or jingles is provided directly to the Swisscom NG-IN through a Content Management System (CMS)
  • Mass Voting
    5,000 lines for televoting and call-in promotions by Swiss TV and radio stations
  • Mobile Call Recording
    MiFID II-compliant recording of calls between banks and their customers in both fixed line and mobile networks

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