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Karsten Pfrommer

Karsten Pfrommer
Head of Portfolio Management Mobile, Telekom Deutschland GmbH

"CreaLog and our Mobile Communication Recording have one thing in common: high flexibility. The CreaLog solution meets all the requirements of regulatory authorities and financial institutions and is additionally tailored to our requirements. The sophisticated encryption technology, high scalability and compliance with current data protection requirements are further important reasons for CreaLog's MCR.

CreaLog's many years of international experience and expertise convinced us when it came to implementing MCR in our common pan-European production model Pan-Net."

Mobile Communication Recording

Communications technology created by Crealog forms the basis for a new, MiFID II compliant, recording service that Germany’s incumbent, Telekom Deutschland, has launched in January 2018. It provides financial institutions and other organizations with an easy way to record and archive mobile phone calls and SMS messages along with other, related data. The service is built on CreaLog’s Mobile Call Recording solution.

All data stored in encrypted form

In case of calls made to a line registered for Mobile Communication Recording, callers will first hear a message informing them that the call is being recorded. The recorded conversation, as well as connection information such as dates, call duration and phone number, is stored in encrypted form in Deutsche Telekom’s german data centres. The content of the call is encrypted using the public key procedure, meaning that only the customer with the matching private key can access the data. The data can only be decrypted by individuals with prior authorisation to do so. All accesses are logged.

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