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Speech Recognition

NLU speech recognition

Better IVR customer dialogs with CreaLog speech recognition

Telecommunications companies must focus on responding to their customers in order not to lose them. The telephone service is the primary point of contact, which the customer accepts more and more, the faster he is connected with the person he wants to talk to. In addition to this aspect, the "agent" cost factor also plays an important part. Speech recognition enabled IVRs can create a win-win situation with speed and cost savings if used in pre-qualification and self-services.

CreaLog IVR Portals achieve consistently high recognition performance

The latest recognition software and the syntax developed by CreaLog facilitate not only the recognition of individual words but also the description of entire sentence contexts. This makes it quick and clear to describe complex input options so that effective dialogs in natural language can be implemented.

A large number of highly varied self-service options have already been implemented. 


  • Use of market-leading cutting-edge technology from Nuance
  • Speech recognition for 56 languages around the world
  • Syntax analysis for sentence contexts
  • MRCP support

The syntax developed by CreaLog also optimizes the accuracy of the speech recognition. This syntax supplements the pure phoneme or word-based recognition with logical alternatives, enabling entire sentence contexts to be described.

With barge-in (also called talk-in, talkover or cut-through), utterances by the caller during announcements by the CreaLog portals can also be recognized. This accelerates dialogs and navigation is faster and freer. 

The CreaLog team can help optimize the use of individual speech recognition solutions with Professional Services for process and dialog analysis, vocabulary and syntax design as well as ongoing acceptance and success analyses. 

Using this facility on the CreaLog Media Platform makes optimal use of the licensed speech recognition software from our technology partners. The CreaLog Speech Server guarantees that a speech recognition resource is available at the right time for all IVR dialogs.

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