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Password Reset | Datasheet

If an employee forgets the password for logging into his or her IT work environment, or enters it incorrectly several times, all it takes to resume work is a phone call. Using a CreaLog VoiceBot, the caller can easily unlock or reset his or her password via CreaLog Password Reset (PWR) and generate a new password. And all this automatically on their own, even on weekends and outside the service hours of the IT helpdesk!

Flexible solution with additional reset options

In corporate networks, a direct password reset in the credential provider screen is available, for example in the Windows logon window. Users then receive their temporary password via SMS, for example; for this process a VoiceBot dialog is not necessary. Another option for password reset is to request supervisors to generate a temporary password for employees for a one-time reset.

More convenience and security with voice biometrics

Authentication via voice biometrics is considered particularly secure, since a person's voice is as unique as his or her fingerprint. The employees can legitimize themselves by calling the PWR system via a comparison with their previously generated biometric voiceprint (voice ID). If the caller's voice is identical to the stored Voice ID, the password reset is initiated. In conjunction with the reset PIN for the PWR system, this results in 2-factor authentication, which provides additional security.


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