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Speech Analytics - Datasheet


Quality assurance and process streamlining of customer calls are crucial when communicating with customers over the phone. CreaLog Speech Analytics can help analyze the content of these conversations automatically.

Our customers utilize the results of such analyses for quality assurance, process streamlining, documentation purposes and to handle call center operations.

CreaLog Speech Analytics can carry out analyses while calls are in progress as well as by processing call recordings.


CreaLog Speech Analytics can help to fulfill general legal call documentation requirements, for instance. MiFID II requires consulting calls to be documented and archived in a way to facilitate proof of compliance with pertinent provisions to regulating authorities.

CreaLog's speech analysis enables you to record relevant telephone calls and then to use key word identification or transcription to determine whether investment consulting has taken place.

Other legally relevant facts such as having advised customers on their right of withdrawal can also be documented and verified ex post in this way.

CreaLog Speech Analytics helps you basically understand your customers better. You can use Root Cause Analysis to uncover the underlying reason for a customer call: Why does the customer have questions concerning your services? Which issues are relevant for the customer? What is the reason for their discontent? What is their motive for inquiring about products or services? On what grounds does the customer associate your organization with a particular image? What are the reasons for a complaint or contract termination?

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