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VoiceBot Banking | Datasheet


CreaLog Banking is a solution tailored to customer requirements for the completion of typical banking processes using natural language dialog over the telephone. Similar to an internet portal, customers use the voice portal via phone. They manage their accounts, find out balances, make transfers, block credit and debit cards, inquire about stock prices and obtain important bank information. Round-the-clock access to the system makes it an important pillar of professional multi-channel banking.

Features of CreaLog Banking include the use of natural language understanding (NLU) enabling uncomplicated and secure call flow, as well as a high level of security through user authentication via voice biometrics.


* Secure banking and brokerage dialogs via voice control with a wide range of functions

* Simple access from any location and at any time

* Easy to use through best-of-breed speech recognition or keypad input

* Modular service package with customized add-ons

* Simple back-end integration via HTTP, XML or SQL interfaces

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