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Energy supplier fault management hotline

"The automated voice response solution is an indispensable ingredient for our service center’s performance. Not only do we utilize this strong solution for our own customers but we also make it available for tenants such as municipal utilities and other service providers."

Michael Minn, TC system planning department

Voice portal off-loads grid operator's control rooms

Every blackout comes as a surprise

It was really quite a normal Tuesday morning in the town of Esslingen on the Neckar. All of a sudden, in the entire district surrounding the Harbor Market, all the lights went out. The coffee maker in the popular Café E. went on strike, the Webers' under cabinet radio was silent, and the cash register in the neigh- borhood grocery stopped working. What had happened? All the fuses in the fuse box were O. K. Next question: Has the neighbor next door got power?

Soon it was obvious for most of the affected people: This could only be a general power failure. So the breakdown needed to be reported to the relevant power utility. But neither Mr Weber nor the grocery store manager could reach the fault hotline — it was engaged all the time. Scarcely surprising: At least a hundred other neighbors were trying to report the power failure as well.

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