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Make your VoiceBot a customer care superhero!

10 quick tips for better communication

  1. Take a step-by-step approach to your project, preferably with the one well-defined customer service process that promises the fastest or highest return on investment.
    Then learn from the experience, take the customer feedback seriously and continuously improve the VoiceBot until it is perfect for you.
  2. Sometimes only a real person can help.
    Think carefully in advance which tasks are suitable for the VoiceBot and which are better left to a human customer service representative.
    Or how both can cleverly share the work. It's called human-machine collaboration. We will be happy to advise you!
  3. Speak positively in the market about your VoiceBot and motivate your customers to use the self-service. The VoiceBot should become a part of your brand!
    Inform your customers and your employees about the new digital employee - and the associated service improvements.
  4. Integrate the VoiceBot strategically: Every new technology must offer your company real added value.
    A VoiceBot improves the customer experience by responding faster to inquiries while reducing costs.
  5. Caution: the VoiceBot must adapt to the callers and their needs, not the caller to the VoiceBot.
  6. VoiceBots must be tailored to the target audience and speak the language of the people they communicate with.
    "One size fits all" does not apply here.
  7. Pay close attention to acoustic quality, phrasing and the overall call experience.
    If your customer hangs up with a smile, you have reached your goal!
  8. Do everything you can to make your callers quickly become familiar with the new self-service offer.
    This works through small rewards like a special number or discounts for first-time users. Or selected products when ordering via the VoiceBot.
  9. Use all the possibilities of modern speech recognition so that your customers can navigate faster in a dialog and have a relaxed chat with the VoiceBot.
  10. Offer a guided dialog for inexperienced first-time callers with detailed announcements and one with open questions (Gold Standard: "How can I help you?") for experienced or hurried customers.
    Of course, the best VoiceBots and Voice Portals can handle both at the same time.

Author: Anne Schilling - CreaLog

More information about modern VoiceBots is available in the article: That's how VoiceBot work today!






Customer Care powered by VoiceBots!
CreaLog Schilling
Anne Schilling - with degrees in Computer Science and Theoretical Linguistics she is working as Senior Project Manager and Consultant at CreaLog. Anne is a Senior Expert in Speech Transcription and Speech Analytics.


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