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That's how VoiceBots work today!

Back in the old days: The people were in a frenzy struggling with bad IVRs. People refuse to type in numbers after having had to memorize countless options. They then get lost in complicated menu structures - without any of the predefined answers really fitting their needs. Companies that didn't want to give up this miserable way of customer service were subsequently punished with withdrawal of affection.

Isn't there something from Pfizer?

Yes, of course! Clever companies have long since discovered a solution that simultaneously reduces costs and increases customer satisfaction: the CreaLog VoiceBot, a voice portal of the latest generation.

Anna calls the customer service and is caught off guard

Actually, she had expected the usual, according to the motto: "If you have questions about your contract, please press 3", but what she experiences instead came as a surprise. The CreaLog VoiceBot at the other end simply aske: "What can I do for you?". She replied: "I have a question about the duration of my contract."  The VoiceBot recognized her request right away: "Your contract runs until the end of the month and is automatically extended for another month. I'll be happy to put you in touch with an consultant who already has all the data and can advise you on the various options". And indeed, the customer service employee already had all the data on his screen and processed the request immediately together with the customer.

A new science fiction series on Netflix?

No, the scenario described is neither science fiction nor magic. Let's just look at how a VoiceBot works: Even though the term "bot" is derived from robot, it is just a clever computer program that answers frequently repeated tasks as automatically as possible. In our case, these are questions that a human asks the voice robot on the phone using its natural language. This usually leads to a dialog between man and machine. In the best case, the caller receives the desired information at any time of day or night or can trigger further processing: for example, make a bank transfer or place an order without the need for human assistance. To do this, however, the voice robot must be able to interpret and understand human language with all its peculiarities, dialects and other inaccuracies as correctly as possible. And this is not as trivial as it may sound.

State-of-the-art self-service

Thanks to novel, self-learning computer programs, often referred to as artificial intelligence (AI), speech robots today are much better at speech recognition than ever before. The state-of-the-art recognition software in combination with algorithms (AI) developed by CreaLog recognizes not only individual words, but also entire sentences. With this barge-in (also called talk-in, talk-over or cut-through), the caller's utterances are recognized even during the announcements. This speeds up the dialog, navigation is faster and freer.
The extra plus: A CreaLog VoiceBot is available 24/7, never takes a break, never gets in a bad mood or just a bad day. No matter what the caller's mood is.

Lukas can' t believe what a VoiceBot can do

When he tries it out himself, he is truly impressed
  • Communicate and send important information like delivery status, product information, invoices etc.
  • Account balance information (whether in banking, brokerage or bonus program)
  • Create and send personalized documents
  • Make appointments with the doctor, the traffic office, etc.
  • Recording of leads (name, e-mail, telephone)
  • Book tickets and accept orders

Author: Anne Schilling - CreaLog

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VoiceBots and Voice Portals have superpowers due to the integrated AI.
CreaLog Schilling
Anne Schilling - holding degrees in Computer Science and Theoretical Linguistics she is working as Senior Project Manager and Consultant at CreaLog. Anne is a Senior Expert in Speech Transcription and Speech Analytics.
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