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MCR up and running in 10 countries

Mobile Call Recording implemented at 10 European Telcos and still growing

CreaLog's Mobile Call Recording (MCR) solution is now successfully in use in ten European countries. After the amendment of the financial market within the framework of MiFID II at the beginning of the year, European communication service providers rely on the legally compliant recording solution for mobile phone calls from CreaLog. After having won over Swisscom in Switzerland, POST Luxembourg and Telekom A1 in Austria with its MCR-concept, the Munich-based company has also convinced Deutsche Telekom. As a result, Mobile Call Recording is now also available in Germany, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Romania and Greece.

Our Mobile Call Recording service works with all mobile devices and on all platforms, requires neither an app nor additional installations. The communication of the conversation partners is recorded in two separate data streams and stored in the two sound channels of a stereo audio file. All relevant calls are encrypted directly in the call recording system using the public-private key procedure to protect against misuse. The private key is held exclusively by the respective financial institution. The search for call recordings is carried out specifically by date or interlocutor. Only authorized persons can decrypt the data via a corresponding protocol. The reproduction of recordings in the clarification of disputed facts is only possible by dual Control principle. Thanks to the BroadWorks compatibility, users of the Broadsoft Cloud PBX are able to record their landline calls via CreaLog Call Recording and store them securely in the network of their telecommunications provider.

Please find more details about MCR by CreaLog here.


CreaLog Mobile Call Recording Integration Diagram
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