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Public Administration: Voice Portal, Conferences and Voicemail

Six german federal states, one ICT service provider

Many citizens still comment on the 'digital city' and a public administration with comprehensive online services with "would be nice" or "pure wishful thinking".
But they do exist, the really convincing, successful eGovernment stories. Dataport, founded in 2004 as an institution under public law (AöR) by the German states of Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein, is right at the forefront.

Dataport's Next Generation Network (NGN) with telephony by CreaLog

Since 2010, the Hamburg authorities have been communicating only digitally. Data and telephone services at Dataport are provided via the Next Generation Network, a pure IP network.

This applies to the entire administration of Hamburg's administrative network FHH-Net with police, fire department, schools, universities and the district offices. As a specialist for telephony solutions, CreaLog is making a significant contribution to the success of the Dataport NGN.

Every day, the Dataport NGN processes the communication of 68,000 registered IP telephones via a central gateway, as well as 3,300 functional connections such as elevator emergency call systems, G3 fax machines and energy meters.

In addition, around 10,000 subscribers of government-related institutions are connected to the Dataport NGN.

The NGN's services include the following solutions from CreaLog:
  • Voice Portal/IVR system with announcements (for example, information on faults, caller prequalification and call distribution).
  • Conference calls for up to 580 simultaneous participants
  • VoiceMail for all users with automatic mailbox provisioning

Please check our Dataport testimonial page for more details and download the full Dataport success story.




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