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Three decades of innovation in speech technology and telecommunications (

On October 1, 2004, the home shopping channel launches a new and unusual concept nationwide: For the first time, customers decide how much a particular product is worth to them by making a phone call. In the process, the caller indicates the price that seems reasonable to him or her. If the amount at the end of the sales campaign is among the highest, the purchase is made. The innovative TV channel concept is implemented on a Voicebot solution by CreaLog.

2004: Interactive Teleshopping at  

Participants who want to take part register via the Internet or via a toll-free phone number. There, the new customers receive a PIN generated by the CreaLog Portal, which, together with their date of birth, legitimizes them as bidder. Viewers who are already registered submit their bids directly via the CreaLog Portal using the phone number they are familiar with. Spontaneous callers are provided with a temporary customer number by the system. After the end of the sales campaign at, the complete registration is then carried out with an employee in the contact center.

The mechanism for pricing at is as simple as it is exciting: The station always offers an item in a smaller quantity at the same time. Starting from one euro, each viewer can offer by phone the price that the item in question is worth to him or her. At the end of the selling period, the viewers with the highest price offers receive the product. The special feature here is that all buyers who take part in the campaign do not pay the highest price offered, but the lowest. This means that customers can buy at a lower price than the maximum value of the item.

To date: exciting live auctions - 20 hours a day

Naturally, the solution used by CreaLog has taken on new dimensions today, as this list shows:

  • Multi-channel shopping via TV, web, voice & app.
  • Navigation by voice in telephone dialog with variant selection
  • Automated planning, supply and logistics system
  • Central system for telephone, SMS and online bids
  • High flexibility of the solution: Extremely last-minute changes are also possible in the auction process

CreaLog supports its partner in hosting interactive home shopping shows 20 hours a day, almost 20 years after the station's launch. Whether early in the morning or late at night, around two million registered customers can still determine their own product price by placing bids.

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