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Three decades of innovation in speech technology and telecommunications (PAYBACK)

When you hear PAYBACK, you immediately think of collecting points. Specifically from the biggest and most successful bonus program in Germany.

People who collect points want rewards - as easily as possible. At the start of PAYBACK in 2000, CreaLog won the tender for the telephone service portal - and is still part of it today!

From the year 2000: Clever collecting of points with PAYBACK

CreaLog started its cooperation with PAYBACK 23 years ago. The aim was to make it as easy as possible for customers to collect points and manage their accounts - with high standards of customer service, customer satisfaction and data security. 
This included a VoiceBot from CreaLog, that provided 24/7 services for the most important functions. Whether it be change of address, loss of card, rewards delivery status or just a quick check on the points balance: quite simply Next Level Self Service.

Customer-friendly benefits and high demands on the bot
A fast and convenient telephone service for all customers, plus a quick evaluation as to whether a transfer to a Service Center with "real people" would be necessary: the bot was required to be available around the clock, 365 days a year. The tender set particularly high requirements - what sounds obvious and simple at the same time demands a great deal of skill in terms of organization and technology.

The conditions

No waiting times, simple automation via VoiceBots, dialogs that are as natural as possible, and a system that can be expanded in any direction - these were the requirements for working with PAYBACK. And since CreaLog has been developing VoiceBots for customer care since 1993, we managed to deliver a service and a result that was fully operational and reliable right from the start.

23 years later...

Today, PAYBACK is not the only provider of cashback services and the challenges to positively stand out from the competition are increasing. Through consistent further development, the CreaLog solution still meets the high expectations 23 years later and has already been rolled out to other countries.

What are the services today?

Today, the voice-controlled service portal handles the following services on a case-by-case basis:
- Query of the current delivery status of ordered premiums
- Notification of the current points balance
- Change of address, e-mail or PIN
- Continuous customer satisfaction surveys

Human advisors will still be indispensable in 2023 for tricky detailed questions - but when it comes to less complicated things that can be easily automated, the VoiceBot does reduce the cost of service quickly and, above all, easily with round-the-clock availability. Alongside customer service on the Internet and via the PAYBACK app, the Payback VoiceBot is therefore always an important part of the PAYBACK service strategy.

Download the PAYPACK case study with further details



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