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Three decades of innovation in speech technology and telecommunications (Swisscom)

These highlights illustrate the success of the long-standing cooperation between Swisscom and CreaLog: Swiss TV and radio audiences can participate interactively in TV shows and radio programs by phone - thanks to CreaLog's TeleVote 2.0 platform. By contrast, things are more serious when it comes to emergency calls. Here, Swisscom and CreaLog implemented one of the most modern emergency call systems in Europe, which is available to all Swiss citizens in the event of an emergency. Swisscom's business customers also benefit from the solutions from Munich. One example is Europe's first service for mobile voice recording (MVR) on the Swisscom network.

2010: Swisscom and CreaLog set standards in Europe

Largest multichannel voting platform in Switzerland

The successful collaboration between CreaLog and Swisscom began back in 2010: Swisscom AG commissioned CreaLog to provide a particularly powerful speech recognition platform. With TeleVote 2.0, CreaLog develops the largest multi-channel voting platform in Switzerland. Since 2013, it has allowed viewers and listeners to participate in interactive call-in formats via voice, SMS and web. Thanks to canton-wide networked technology, TV voting with several hundred thousand calls and SMS in the short time windows of the broadcasts is possible, among other things.

With one of Europe's most modern 112 emergency call system, no call goes unanswered

Switzerland is also a true pioneer in emergency communications. Since 2015, anyone dialing the emergency number of the police or fire department here has been connected to the nearest and responsible emergency center, regardless of whether they are calling from a landline or a cell phone. In the event of a serious accident or fire, if one of the Public Safety Answering Points (PSAP) is temporarily overloaded, CreaLog uses 'Dynamic Routing' to ensure that no emergency call goes astray. In this case, the call is automatically forwarded to a PSAP in another canton.

Europe's first network-based service for mobile voice recording

What started in Switzerland in 2015 year will soon convince telcos throughout Europe: Mobile Voice Recording from CreaLog. Thanks to this solution, developed with Swisscom, all internal and external telephone calls between companies and their customers can be securely recorded and archived in encrypted form - both in the fixed network and in mobile communications and electronic correspondence (SMS). The service thus initially met the recording and archiving requirements of the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA and later the corresponding legal requirements of the EU.

One platform - multiple solutions

The CreaLog solutions at Switzerland's largest telco (market share greater than 50 percent) are easy to use and offer numerous benefits to both end customers and companies:

  • Mass voting for televote and call-in campaigns from Swiss TV and radio stations.
  • Emergency call routing: intelligent emergency call system in German, Italian and French
  • Enterprise IVR: VoiceBots for alerting systems, network-based call queues and other voice services
  • Mobile Call Recording: compliance recording of telephone calls between banks/brokers and their customers in fixed and mobile networks
  • Messaging Server: Protected gateway for third-party SMS/MMS mass messaging
  • Media Resource Function (MRF): Audio is provided directly in Swisscom's intelligent network via a Content Management System (CMS) for service numbers, tariff announcements or jingles.

The complete Swisscom Case Study can be found at:

Download the Swisscom Case Study here


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