Insurance Providers Recording Use Case

Call Recording for Insurance Providers

The competent agencies of COMPLETE Insurance receive numerous telephone damage reports from customers every day, in which electronic products costing several thousand euros have been destroyed, sometimes in bizarre ways.

Since the insurance company is not always convinced of the honesty of its customers, the claim handlers have the exact course of events described again in a telephone conversation with a conversation recording. Sometimes even here, inconsistencies and contradictions arise, which might exclude the coverage for this specific incident. If the applicants or witnesses later want to add further details about the event, the recording can be considered as binding, additional evidence of what has already been described.

Many insurance-specific topics are still discussed on the phone. Apart from the notification of claims, they are about policies, contribution margins, premiums, offers and general questions about insurance cover. The recording of conversations can help to avoid risks and disputes and to document and clarify claims.

With a cost-effective and secure call capture solution CreaLog Enterprise Communication Recording (ECR) available via a SaaS model, net-centric call recording can be deployed immediately to satisfy the phone-based record keeping needs of operations and, most importantly, clients.


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