Enterprise Recording

Enterprise Communication Recording (ECR)

Easy Recording and Secure Storage for Compliance and Documentation

Enter a new stage in net-centric recording with our Enterprise Communication Recording (ECR) service. This Telco net-centric service records calls that any employee makes on a business phone as part of his or her job, be it in the office, on the move or in home office. Business continuity is thus ensured.

Benefits for Companies

  • A new level of convenience
  • Preservation of evidence and
  • Quality Assurance

With CreaLog ECR, discussions with customers or business partners are easier to understand and document thanks to the recording. The transparency of work processes is increased and can be optimized on the basis of the findings.

Fields of application

Employees from the sales department can thus record the verbal consent of customers or check information about discounts granted as part of the preservation of evidence. Thanks to CreaLog ECR, insurance companies are able to evaluate counselling interviews against the background of quality assurance and thus determine the training needs of employees. Last but not least, customer satisfaction is also increased, as doctors, lawyers or tax consultants can document and archive consultations in this way. Stored recordings can be easily found thanks to tags. In addition, ECR helps in general to detect cases of fraud and to make business processes transparent.


The calls are recorded in the Telco network. Subscribers make phone calls in the usual way, an app is not required. 
The subscriber himself accesses his securely encrypted recorded calls and plays them back. An intuitive interface enables simple, user-friendly operation and helps to navigate easily through the menu items. The user can not only play back recordings, but also download them or have them delivered via email with attachments.

Legal and Secure

  • Strong data encryption – on the fly for all recordings, SMS/MMS, and meta data.
  • Geo-redundant storage in encrypted form as long as desired.
  • All participants of a call will be informed and asked for protocolled consent.

Use Cases

Icon Insurance
Use Case Insurance

The recording of conversations can help to avoid risks and disputes and to document and clarify claims.


Legal Icon
Use Case Legal

Especially when an urgent personal consultation is not possible for legal practices, recording offers the optimal solution.


Financial Services Icon
Use Case Financial Services

Financial Regulators across the globe enacted regulation requiring the recording of mobile phone conversations of finance sector professionals, in addition to the already widespread fixnet recording.


Real Estate Icon
Use Case Real Estate

The real estate and management business requires mobility, and in many cases a recording of conversations proves to be most helpful.


Use with Cisco Broadworks

Thanks to the validation by Cisco Broadworks, our net-centric recording is compatible with the BroadWorks SIP Interface. This delivers a new way of business communications with all the advantages of the Cloud.

Please get in contact with our experts for more detailed information on our net-centric recording or download the ECR datasheet here.

CreaLog ECR is based on our proven Mobile and Fixnet Call Recording solution, a highly secure and MiFID II compliant approach, excluding playback or delete options for individual employees. It has been successfully used by customers such as Swisscom, A1 Telekom, Deutsche Telekom, Monaco Telecom, and many more since 2015.

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