Real Estate Agents Recording Use Case

Call Recording For Real Estate Agents

Walter is an experienced real estate agent and, as a residential property manager, also looks after a whole range of high-quality community properties. Owner Paul has some legally complex questions regarding the upcoming owners' meeting, as in the past there have been repeated contestations to individual resolutions. He reaches the real estate agent in his car. Walter records the conversation and listens to the recording again later in the office. In this way he can answer the owner's questions competently and at the same time has proof of the owner's wishes for the coming owners' meeting.

The real estate and management business requires mobility, brokers are on site for viewing appointments, negotiate with buyers and sellers or look after the interests of tenants and landlords as managers. In many cases, a recording of conversations proves to be helpful here, so that verbally made agreements can be recorded and archived. Later, in case of disputes, reference can be made to the existing recording.

With a cost-effective and secure call capture solution CreaLog Enterprise Communication Recording (ECR) available via a SaaS model, net-centric call recording can be deployed immediately to satisfy the phone-based record keeping needs of operations and, most importantly, clients.

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