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Recording Solutions

CreaLog Voice Recording

Record and analyze conversations with CreaLog Voice Recording

If you pre qualify callers or engage them in an automated dialog you can also record this conversation.


  • Dialog monitoring and supervising call center employees with Speech Analytics
  • Dialog transcription i.e. a complete written protocol of phone calls. Particularly useful for data mining in the context of big data and business analytics
  • Voice logging, call recording or call monitoring, for the logging of critical business processes

Continuous conversation recording is mainly used for critical business processes. These include blocking of credit or debit cards, money transfers and other important critical transactions. Emergency hotlines at police and firefighters can't do without voice recording for documentation purposes.

The CreaLog Search GUI allows you to search for call recordings and the related customer actions. The located recording can then be replayed on the PC. As search filters the following options are available:

  • Phone number (also partial)
  • Date and time (specific period)
  • Customer Number
  • Status (blocked, authorized etc.)

Individual adjustments to your business processes are available upon request.

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