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VoiceBots for everyone

A VoiceBot is a virtual assistant that facilitates communication between man and machine and has already changed the communication between customers and companies and they will continue to do so. Here are a few ideas why it makes sense to start thinking about using digital assistants now:

  1. The bot is always there for your customers
    Unlike people who cannot be reached around the clock, a VoiceBot can be available all day long. It needs no breaks. It answers your customers' most important questions every time they call or leave a message. If it doesn't know the answer, it can at least record the question and give your customer the feeling that the requests are now in "best hands". And you don't lose any leads.
  2. Endless possibilities
    In many minds there is still the wrong assumption that a VoiceBot is just a set of predefined answers and codes. Most people don't even know how versatile a VoiceBot can be. Here are a few ideas for the functionality of your next VoiceBot:
    - Sending important files to customers (product information, invoices, etc.)
    - Sending catalogs
    - Create and send personalized files (for example, a quote)
    - Arrange appointments
    - Obtaining leads (name, e-mail, telephone)
  3. Go viral
    Talk about your VoiceBot. You can use the VoiceBot as part of your next marketing messages. Depending on the personality of the VoiceBot, it makes sense to use a marketing campaign to inform the target group about the new "digital employee". So you have a new story you can tell your customers and potential customers.
  4. More than just chatting
    If you are of the opinion that a VoiceBot is exclusively about chatting and interacting with your customers, thats not the complete story.

VoiceBots can also trigger processes and help your customers as a digital assistant. You can even give your customers the opportunity to receive offers and create orders by linking your VoiceBot to various internal systems. Please have a look at our case studies: HypoVereinsbank, 123tv, and ITDZ for more ideas.

As for the budget:

Of course it is no secret that the conception and development of a VoiceBot costs money. But this should not be an obstacle. It's best to start with a small, manageable usecase. In the process, you and your employees learn from the experience with your first VoiceBot, take advantage of it and use the success stories for further developments.


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