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CreaLog Televote and Mass Calling | White Paper (Englisch)

Call-In or Masscalling and Televoting TV and radio shows create thousands of lucky winners, millions of enthusiastic viewers and listeners and happy broadcasters alike. Attractive shows generate significant revenue streams for telcos, media companies and service providers through premium rate calls from their audiences and the resulting connection fees.

The technical success of these shows relies on advanced call handling capabilities and data processing functionality needed to deal with the high volume of incoming calls and to process these calls in real time. The CreaLog Call-In and Televote Platform caters for both aspects, offering an easy to manage all-in-one solution combining state-of-the-art hardware and software components.

This white paper describes key elements of successful Call-In shows and Televoting campaigns and provides insights into the broad range of features the CreaLog Call-In and Televote Platform delivers and technical details of how it supports TV shows of this kind with standard show elements along with the service creation environment.

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