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1. RCS / MMS / SMS Messaging Solution - Requirements  
Requirements Increase revenue with chargeable premium services Attract service providers Flexible and easy to manage platform for SMS/MMS/RCS management, delivery, and reporting Offer access…  
2. Emergency Call Routing & eCall - Benefits  
Benefits Emergency call management and dispatching and resource optimization  Call routing for overflows and busy hours Location information forwarding to minimize case opening…  
3. IM-SSF Migration - IM-SSF Broker  
IM-SSF Broker The CreaLog IM-SSF application is enabling access to existing CAMEL service environments from the IMS. Thus IMS users can use services implemented on the IN while preserving and…  
4. RCS / MMS / SMS Messaging Solution - Mobile Messaging Platform for SMS, MMS and RCS  
Mobile Messaging Platform for SMS, MMS and RCS With the Messaging Server, VAS providers and aggregators can access and utilize telecom network resources via standard APIs, which brings significant…  
5. Fixed Mobile Convergent Voice Services - Network based PBX features  
Network based PBX features Telco customers demand enhanced features for their fixed and mobile phones. Our virtualized PBX features are best-of-breed. The easy to use administration interface…  
6. Voicemail - Next Generation Voicemail  
Next Generation Voicemail Simplified infrastructure and reduced TCO Voicemail solutions are a well known commodity for operators. Traditionally storing the recorded voicemail files, sometimes for…  
7. Speech Technologies - NLU Speech Recognition  
NLU Speech Recognition Better IVR customer dialogs with CreaLog speech recognition Telephone service generally is the primary point of contact with a customer. The faster the connection…  
8. One Number Voice Portal  
Many enterprises are looking for a network based solution for their One Number Customer Care, which is simple but efficient and easy to administer. Because they communicate only a single telephone…  
9. IMS Service Delivery Platform  
IMS, VoLTE, 5G ready Legacy TDM/SS7 support WebRTC enabled Highly flexible Easy to manage 3rd party Web service interfaces  
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