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1. Technical Writer Telecommunications, Technology, IT - Google Job Code  
Google Job Code[{ "@context": "", "@type": "JobPosting", "title": "Technical Writer Telecommunications, Technology, IT, PR", "description": "CreaLog is seeking a…  
2. Footer Menu - About CreaLog  
About CreaLog Innovative, successful, customer-centric CreaLog is a leading vendor of ICT Carrier Solutions and IMS ready service delivery platform solutions for Communication Service Providers.…  
3. VoiceMail - Next Generation VoiceMail  
Next Generation VoiceMail Voicemail solutions are a well known commodity for operators. Traditionally storing the recorded voicemail files, sometimes for for long periods, requires additional…  
4. Recording Transcription - Call Transcription  
Call Transcription Call Transcription involves converting a recorded telephone call completely into writing and storing it as a text file. CreaLog Transcription does this automatically and can…  
5. Conferences - Conference Servers and Applications  
Conference Servers and ApplicationsThe CreaLog Conference Manager The CreaLog Conference Manager software enables the provisioning of highly scalable conference solutions with a sophisticated…  
6. Mobile and Fixnet Recording (Voice / SMS / MMS) - Managed Recording for Broadsoft  
Managed Recording for Broadsoft The CreaLog Call Recording Platform is confirmed as validated with BroadWorks because the Broadsoft platform offers a sophisticated interface for the integration…  
7. Mobile and Fixnet Recording (Voice / SMS / MMS) - CreaLog Call Recording  
CreaLog Call Recording Financial Regulators across the globe are enacting regulation that requires the recording of mobile phone conversations of finance sector professionals, apart from the already…  
8. Speech Technologies - CreaLog Speech Analytics  
CreaLog Speech Analytics Once a conversation or a voicemail is transcribed and stored as text (Speech-to-Text) it is ready for in-depth analysis. CreaLogs AI fueled Speech Analytics, also called…  
9. Interview - Utilities: From the Service Desert to the Beach Bar  
The energy industry is in the middle of a cultural change. The driving force is the digital transformation of the entire energy market from power generation to billing - including e-mobility as a…  
10. Solution Support Engineer - Google Job Code  
Google Job Code5[{ "@context": "", "@type": "JobPosting", "title": "Solution Support Engineer", "description": "CreaLog seeks a full-time Solution Support Engineer for…  
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