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IVR Voice Portal

Professional voice self service for a new customer experience

Intelligent interactive voice response (IVR) systems lay the base for intelligent self service voice portals.

Sophisticated speech recognition technology identifies the customer, enabling his or her safe legitimization. Voice biometrics offers additional security features. With modern speech recognition, callers can freely voice their wishes and will be directly guided to the right service or agent.

Fully or partially automated services significantly reduce costs and/or enable new services. IVR systems are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week and don’t need vacations. They are always kind and patient even when performing tedious standard jobs.

IVR Cloud Services

When looking at communications solutions, companies are increasingly asking for ways to route calls intelligently or to perform tasks autonomously.

As part of the CreaLog Contact Center for Cloud Services, an IVR gives you as a network operator the ability to offer companies voice portal services from the network to meet their needs. A voice portal is user-friendly and available to customers at any time of day or night.

CreaLog Voice Portal

Today, companies feel the need for an integrated solution of contact center and IVR because service hotlines often require intelligent routing and self service should be part of any standard service offering.

CreaLog IVR is part of the CreaLog Contact Center Suite. It can run either in an integrated solution or standalone. Using the CreaLog IVR, operators can offer their customers voice portal technology featuring sophisticated speech recognition, voice biometrics, and text synthesis technology. 

And there is no need for these customers to invest in implementation and technology expertise.

With over 50 languages and dialects to choose from, speech recognition offers a broad choice for customer communication in native languages. The CreaLog Service Creation Environment enables operators to create complex services using a graphical toolkit that supports scripting and object oriented programming. Web interfaces allow service creation for customers as well as safe service configuration and monitoring.

Typical IVR functions

For a smooth start

The CreaLog IVR comes with many predefined objects, allowing for easy implementation of new services. Nearly every integration interface for Web, database, email, file transfer is present and ready for use. Application modules start with A as in Auto‌Attendant and continue to W as in Waiting or Call Queue.


  • IVR with speech recognition, speech synthesis, and voice biometrics
  • Graphical Service Creation Environment (SCE)
  • Web based service creation, configuration, and monitoring
  • Multi-tenant provisioning
  • Integration in IN services and contact centers


  • Carrier grade IVR with many standard modules
  • Sophisticated voice technologies
  • Powerful service creation and administration
  • Project and consulting support for technical implementation and voice user interface design
  • Multi-tenancy and easy operationability


  • Proven solution using state-of-the-art technology
  • Integration into service number portfolio and cloud contact center
  • Easy integration into any TDM, NGN, or IMS network
  • Optional integration into local PBX/contact center with CSTA or proprietary
  • Session border controller and gateway between network topologies
  • Customizable standard modules
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